Firefox Add-ons

A decade of hacking Firefox.

Over the last 10+ years, I've written some Mozilla Firefox Add-ons which have achieved relatively decent popularity (currently ~270,000 users). Some were written to request, some for my personal use, and some just to learn something new.

You'll find all of these Add-ons available for install at the Mozilla Add-ons site.

My Add-ons

Image Toolbar
Save, copy and print images with a single click.
New Tab Homepage
Loads your homepage when you open a new tab.
Context Search
Right click and search using a selection of search engines.
Context Highlight
Right click and highlight all instances of the selected word within the page.
Foobar Controls
Control the Foobar2000 MP3 player from your toolbar.
Paste Quote
Pastes text, surrounding it with [quote][/quote].

If you like using these Add-ons, please do send a small donation. I never really set out to make money from these projects (which is just as well, because I haven't!), but it's always nice to receive a small contribution towards hosting costs and evening/weekend hours that I used up to push out a fix.

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The Firefox Add-ons I have written are open source and available on GitHub. If you have suggestions or find bugs, then please raise issues in the relevant GitHub projects. If you are a programmer, feel free to fork and contribute.