About this website

TL;DR - written to learn more Ruby, discard my remaining PHP.

I created this website for a few reasons:

The Code

The source code for this website is on GitHub. If you can learn from it or use it in any way, then it'll have been worth the effort; please do so.

One of my primary goals was to maximise the content:code ratio, i.e. use the least possible Ruby and HAML, not counting third-party Gems that I've leveraged.

If you can help me reduce the number of lines required to sustain the current functionality (in a sensible, non-perl-three-line-sudoku-solver way), then please feel free to send suggestions (or even better, a pull request).

Browser Compatibility

I've only really tested this in Firefox, but it's so totally Bootstrapped that I'm sure it works fine in basically anything from the last decade. If it doesn't, feel free to drop me a line.