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My name is Ben Basson and I'm a full stack software developer working at Fivium. I'm a part time Firefox Add-on author and Ruby dabbler. I enjoy boulder climbing and beer, but not at the same time. This website is a collection of my thoughts and projects.

Recent Blog Posts

Consuming APIs and libraries

Software development is all about trade-offs. You can use APIs and libraries to build features quickly and to open up new opportunities for functionality, but this all comes at a cost.

- 27th November 2016 22:44
Thinking Retrospectively

Reflection and planning is core to continuous improvement. It's also something that we all must master as part of software development, and our wider involvement in business.

- 3rd August 2016 08:33
Presenting your work effectively

Presenting your work is a valuable skill and universities skimp on teaching it. This post contains some tips to help you prepare and also how universities can address the skills gap.

- 11th July 2016 21:35

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