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My name is Ben Basson and I'm a full stack software developer working at Fivium. I'm a part time Firefox Add-on author and Ruby dabbler. I enjoy boulder climbing and beer, but not at the same time. This website is a collection of my thoughts and projects.

Recent Blog Posts

Presenting your work effectively

Presenting your work is a valuable skill and universities skimp on teaching it. This post contains some tips to help you prepare and also how universities can address the skills gap.

- 11th July 2016 21:35
Beer Euler Diagram (Ealing 2016)

Every year I enjoy attending Ealing Beer Festival, as it's the easily the best of the main London beer festivals. This post contains my top picks from this year's beer list, in Beer Euler Diagram Form.

- 4th July 2016 21:32
You will ship code with bugs

The reality of shipping products is that you'll ship with known bugs. This post is about why that happens and how to prioritise remedial work.

- 3rd July 2016 20:51

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